Нашата мисија

Our mission is to cater to the Scrap Metal, Plastic Scrap & Waste Paper Scrap needs of our clients as a one-stop solution provider, by being approachable, efficient and knowledgeable. We aim to serve as a platform for buyers and sellers to strike the optimal balance between premium prices for sellers in return for quality material за купувачите.

Нашата визија вклучува:

– Исполнување на барањата на нашите клиенти и одржување на долгорочен лојален однос со клиентите
– Проширување на нашиот дофат за воспоставување на нови соработки со организации и поединци за да се прошири нашата база на клиенти.
– Да бидеме доверлив деловен партнер на нашите клиенти и да обезбедиме професионална услуга и извонредност за да ги исполниме нивните барања

It’s not what we say, it’s what they say:

  • On behalf of the KOJI Exhibit Design team and myself, I would like to say thank you for all your help and donations to our COACO exhibit project. We appreciate the time and effort you took in providing us with the generous amount of HDPE pellet… I had no idea how far advanced the state of South Africa was in the recycling world, it’s nice to know, and without your help, we could not have come this far, thanks again. – Melissa [Center of Science and Industry], OH, USA. Our Mission.
  • thanks, it is a pleasure working with you its hard to find people in this industry who respond quickly to questions and get back to you in a short time like you do if all my suppliers were like you life would be much easier – Lee, China
  • thanks for your prompt action – Alan, UK
  • I took along a load of plastics and Bryan was able to determine the composition of the plastic just by watching it burn! – Otto, Germany
  • thanks for all your work – Pat, Canada
  • Thank you… You gave me some great information. – Xavier, France
  • I greatly appreciate your help – Ali, UAE
  • Thanks for your information… you are a really good supplier – Charles, Australia
  • We had a great trip. We really appreciate your hospitality – Tina, GA, USA
  • Thank you so much for your great support – Ricky, Хонг Конг
  • I like the way you do business. Loyalty was a thing of the past in this business world. – Ambani, India